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    • Garmin nüvi 40LM 4.3-Inch Portable GPS Navigator with Lifetime Maps (US)
      Garmin nüvi Vehicle Power Cable
      Garmin Carry All Case for Garmin nuvi Models
  • The Garmin Nüvi 40LM delivers you safely wherever life takes you. Designed to make navigation easy, simply enter an address and premium features including lane assist with junction view, help you make all the right turns! Start out for your destination and leave the navigating to nüvi 40LM.

    This GPS package comes with accessories all bundled for one low price.
    Package Price: $203.40
    (as of 11/21/2019 05:58 PST - Details)

    This Amazon affiliate advertisement was created with the ComboZon WordPress plugin.

    As you can see, this is no ordinary Amazon affiliate ad because it includes three products in it!

    ComboZon allows you to bundle products of your choosing together into a single advertisement and affiliate link.

    Best of all, these affiliate links provide you with a 90 day cookie lifespan instead of the typical 24 hours for normal Amazon affiliate links.

    Think about all of the benefits here:

    1. Increased earnings from each customer: more products purchased = more commissions earned!
    2. Increased affiliate commission level on Amazon: more items sold per purchase = higher commission levels per sale!
    3. NEW advertising & search engine keyword targeting possibilities!

    The possibilities are truly endless with ComboZon. The obvious way to use it is to bundle accessories with a main product, as I have done in the GPS advertisement above.

    However, there are many other ways to use ComboZon…

    Instead of bundling a main product together with accessories, you can simple create bundles of main products that are used together for a specific purpose. This gives you a completely new way to target your advertising, content, and even search engine keywords.

    In the advertisement below, I have put together a camping kit. This is similar to the previous ad, except this one just consists of various products that work well together for a specific purpose. I have also picked to display many product images along with this advertisement, while the previous ad only used one main product image.

    Coleman Montana 8 Tent
    4x Coleman Green Valley Cool-Weather Sleeping Bag
    Coleman Camp Axe
    Open Country Weekender 6-Person Cook Set
    SE CCT10 10 in 1 Camping/Survival Tool
    Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock (Royal Blue)
    This extremely affordable camping kit is ideal for any family up to eight people.

    Included is an assortment of necessity items for camping including a tent to sleep eight, cooking set, a camp axe, a camping tool kit, and four adult sleeping bags that are ideal for cool weather conditions at night.

    This package also comes with an excellent hammock to string between two trees for a bit of relaxation.
    Package Price: $486.52
    (as of 11/21/2019 05:58 PST - Details)

    The previous two ads are HTML/CSS based and created with the ComboZon WordPress plugin. This works great for WordPress sites but also doesn’t allow the ads to be used outside of WordPress.

    To overcome this problem, I’ve also created a Web Edition and a Facebook App for ComboZon customers. With either of these two versions, you can simply generate an entire bundle advertisement as a single image file and affiliate link, which can then be used pretty much anywhere on the internet or even in ebooks!

    Just to show you how this works, I created the exact same ad as the Garmin GPS ad at the top of this page except I created it with the Facebook App this time and generated it as an image (which is shown below). This looks basically the same, except you can see that the entire ad can be saved to your computer as an image file and then reused anywhere else – you simply don’t see Amazon affiliate ad generators that can do this except for ComboZon.

    Ads created by any edition of ComboZon can be customized, even including the overall look of the advertisement down to the font sizes, font colors, background colors, border colors, and more, so any of the above ads could be shown in a different color scheme.

    As an example, I’ve created the same Garmin GPS bundle ad again with the Web Edition / FB App and shown it below, except this time I’ve made the ad using a different ad style. I also set this ad to only be 280 pixels wide to make it tall/skinny (Web Edition / Facebook image ads can be generated anywhere between 280 and 800 pixels in width, while WordPress ads automatically take up the available width where they are placed).

    Best of all, the WordPress ads are automatically updated for you each day to ensure that the prices remain up-to-date and accurate. This ALSO happens with the Web Edition and Facebook App ad images that are generated for ComboZon PRO members. Members of ComboZon PRO receive free image hosting with the ads that they generate. Since those members have their images hosted on the ComboZon server, we also update those images once a day to keep prices accurate. ComboZon PRO is a completely optional but highly recommend upgrade offered to all ComboZon members after their purchase. For a limited time after the initial release of ComboZon, the PRO upgrade will be offered for a one-time cost but may be changed to a monthly fee at a later time for future customers (by getting the one-time price, you lock in a lifetime membership).

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