ComboZon Video Tutorials

A series of tutorial videos are available for ComboZon. These videos show how to use various parts of ComboZon.

Please be sure to read the description provided with each video – some of them only apply to specific editions of ComboZon.

ComboZon Installation, Setup & Basic Settings

The first tutorial video shows how to install and set up ComboZon. The download/upload/install/activate procedure shown at the beginning of the video will only apply to the WordPress plugin, but the setup process and settings page shown towards the end applies to all editions of ComboZon (except that the CSS setting only applies to the WP plugin). Also, settings provided for the Web Edition & Facebook App are only needed once for either edition. These two editions share settings for each user, while the WP plugin operates independently on each site where you install it.

ComboZon Ad Style System

This tutorial applies to all editions of ComboZon, although there are some minor differences in how styles work in the WP plugin versus the Web Edition / Facebook App. The main thing to remember is that the WP plugin can only have one style published at a time, which will design all of the live ads on your site. With the Web Edition or Facebook App, style publishing is only used for the live ad preview in the ad manager, but you can generate ad images using any of the saved ad styles in those two editions.

ComboZon Ad Manager

Most of this video applies to all editions of ComboZon because it shows how to use the ad manager to create a new ad, search/add products, and edit details in the ad. However, this video was recorded using the WordPress plugin, and the end of the video shows how to insert advertisements into a post/page, which only applies to WordPress. A second video is provided below that shows how ad images are generated with the Web Edition / Facebook App (essentially a second ending for this video, depending on which ComboZon edition you want to use).

Web Edition & Facebook App Ad Image Generation & Ad Code

As mentioned above, this video shows the ad manager from the Web Edition / Facebook App, but it is not a complete tutorial of the ad manager (see the above video). This tutorial covers ad image generation in the Web Edition or Facebook App, which also includes ad code, affiliate links, and ComboZon Pro (which includes image hosting and automatic daily image price updates).

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